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How to stay healthy during winter

Even though the winter solstice is finally beyond us, it feels like we have quite a way to go before we can celebrate the start of Spring! Since we’re in the depths of winter gloom and there are quite a few bugs floating around, the team at Ormiston Hospital have put together our top tips to stay healthy this winter. 


Eat lots of fruit and veges 

The current ‘cost of living’ crisis has made it harder lately to keep up with our 5+ a day. Not only have food prices been creeping up, the terrible weather events from earlier this year has impacted the supply of locally grown fresh produce. Find a workaround by purchasing in-season fruit and veges (think broccoli, bok choi, carrots, kale, kumera, cauliflower and mandarins). In-season veges are perfect in hearty stews and soups, not only making them a nice winter warmer and affordable to make, but you can also often squeeze a lunch or two out of a batch as well. The Heart Foundations has some excellent heart-healthy soup recipes to get you started. 

Ormiston Hospital winter wellness tips - eat plenty of in-season fruit and vegetables.

July is also the perfect time to plant some veges in the garden to feed yourself and your family in the coming months. Now is a great time to plant broccoli, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, silverbeet and spinach – you can get inexpensive seedlings from your local plant centre. 



Ensure your vaccinations are up to date 

There are a lot of coughs, colds, flu and covid illnesses around this winter. The best way to protect yourself, your family and your friends is to get vaccinated. The flu vaccination is easily accessible across the country and is the best defence against nasty winter bugs. Anyone can catch the flu, but it can be very dangerous for the elderly, people with existing health conditions, little ones under 6 months old and pregnant women. Getting your COVID booster is another great way to ensure you protect yourself against evolving strains. You are eligible for a booster (it’s free) if you have had your first two COVID vaccinations and haven’t had a booster or caught COVID in the last 6 months. 

Book your vaccine here: 

Don’t forget, sticking to the basics like washing your hands for 20 seconds regularly, sneezing and coughing into tissues and keeping up with your usual medications and routines are important ways to stay strong. 



Ormiston Hospital wellness tips - make time to get outside.

Make time to get outside

Even popping outside for some fresh air and (hopefully) winter sun on your face is enough to give you a boost. It’s hard to motivate yourself to get outside when the weather is miserable and cold but doing just that for as little as 10-15 minutes will do wonders for your overall physical and mental health this winter. 









Spend time with loved ones 

Staying connected with friends and family is really important in the gloomier months. It’s often hard to push yourself to go out when the days are shorter and cold. With less sunlight hours, your serotonin levels can dip and that can impact your mood. It’s important to fill your cup by spending time doing things and seeing the people that make you happy. 

Winter can also be a tough time for vulnerable people in our communities. If you know of a neighbour, older relative or friend who lives on their own, try to check in on them for a cuppa to see that they are doing OK. 


If you have any winter health ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear them! Drop us a note on our social media channels for your top tips to stay healthy this winter.