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Da Vinci surgical robotics is arriving soon to Ormiston Hospital

Ormiston Weight Loss Service introducing the new Orbera B2B weight loss balloon

Since their inception in 1979 intragastric balloons have been rapidly evolving to allow patients to maximise their weight loss efforts.  The gastric balloon or stomach balloon is a temporary weight loss device, that has not only helped  patients to lose weight but it has transformed lives.

Ormiston Weight Loss Service (OWLS), run out of Ormiston Hospital, is now offering a new type of balloon package to help it’s patients, the Orbera B2B. The B2B stands for “back to back” which is what this package offers – two balloons inserted one after the other. This new enhanced weight loss system allows patients to have two balloons inserted over 12 months, supercharging weight loss efforts. The first balloon is inserted and after six months time will be removed and replaced with a new balloon, which is larger in volume – accelerating weight loss further over another six months.

The B2B package combines the worlds safest and only FDA approved gastric balloon, the Orbera, as well as a tailored adjustment system that provides patients with the right sized balloon to meet their individual needs. This new package comes after the demand for the Spatz3 adjustable intragastric balloon, Ormiston’s endoscopists discovered that the new Orbera B2B option provides a safer and easier way to boost weight loss.  Dr Ravinder Ogra explains; “I want patients to get the most out of their intragastric balloon, my patients with the Orbera see less side effects and are more comfortable, making it a better option.”

The biggest benefit to patients is the flexibility of the B2B, which adds versality and gives patients more options including:

  1. If weight loss plateaus after the first balloon it can easily be replaced by a second balloon within 6 months with larger volume
  2. If the first balloon is not well tolerated and needs to be removed the second balloon can be placed with smaller volume to improve tolerability while not losing the balloon all together

Specialists have found that weight loss can sometimes stabilise or slow down around the six month mark with a standard balloon. The Orbera 365,  stays in for up to 12 months, and also sees great results for OWLS patients. However, for patients who want to get the most out of their balloon experience, the Orbera B2B package is recommended. The new package offers patients the benefits of the Spatz3 in a safer and more affordable option. The Spatz3 gastric balloon is still a very popular option and is available at Ormiston Hospital for those interested in the option. After six months post-insertion, patients of the Spatz3 balloon can have this balloon adjusted. The same Spatz3 remains in the stomach for 12 months, and some patients do not chose to have it adjusted as this service comes at an extra cost.

It has also been found that in some cases (less than 15%) patients are unable to tolerate a gastric balloon as it can cause nausea and discomfort. With the B2B package this can be quickly rectified with a smaller balloon, while as the Spatz3 and Orbera365 are typically removed with no option for replacement.

Understanding all of the gastric balloons available on the market is important to ensure patients go into the procedure with all the information they need. The Orbera B2B offers the following benefits:

  • FDA approved and regulated
  • Two balloons over a 12 month period to accelerate weight loss
  • Second balloon increased in size and tailored to patient
  • Better accuracy of sizing
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Higher success rate with patient comfort than other balloons

All gastric balloon procedurs are non-surgical and temporary, meaning there are no incisions, scars or signs of the balloon. The gastric balloon is a discrete way to lose weight without as much effort as normal diet and exercise, however, a healthy lifestyle is recommended to help with weight loss. OWLS offers the support of a bariatric dietitian who supports patients with their eating and provides them the best advice to get the most out of the balloon.

For a booking with one of our specialists please contact Ormiston Specialists Centre: (09) 271 3305 or

For pricing on the BzB please contact:

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