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Spatz3 Balloon – surgery free weight loss at Ormiston Hospital

For over 30 years, gastric balloons have helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight with a 15-minute non-surgical procedure. The technology keeps improving, helping more people to lose weight. The Spatz3 balloon is the world’s first and only adjustable gastric balloon. So why go adjustable?

“The idea for developing an adjustable balloon was triggered by two main challenges the industry has been facing,” says Dr. Jeffrey Brooks, CEO and inventor of the Spatz3 adjustable balloon.

spatz3 balloon spatz balloon

The two biggest concerns with gastric balloons can be avoided with the Spatz3, these are:

  • Roughly 10% of patients are intolerant to the balloon, requiring early extraction – the Spatz3 solves this as it is adjusted to suit
  • Gastric balloons can lose their effectiveness by approximately the 4th month post-implantation,- again, the Spatz3 can increase in size to ensure weight loss continues

This makes the Spatz3 the best choice, especially for those who are concerned about responding to the balloon and want to boost their weight loss efforts with an increased adjustment.

Ormiston Weight Loss Service has supported many patients through the balloon procedure. Gastric balloons are a proven and safe way to achieve 3.1x the weight loss of diet and exercise alone. Lose weight without scars, incisions, or surgery. Email us for more information:

In an FDA trial the Spatz3 gastric balloon achieved the highest weight loss of all gastric balloons.