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Congratulations to our Q3 Value Award Winners

We’re excited to announce the winners of our Q3 Value Awards for the period spanning January to March! As we bid farewell to Q2, we reflect on the exceptional contributions of our team members who uphold our core values. Similar to the impressive turnout for Q2 nominations, we received over 40 nominations!

A quick refresher: every quarter we ask Ormiston Hospital staff to nominate a colleague they believe brings to life our values:

  1. Passion in our people
  2. Courage to change
  3. Caring with empathy
  4. Excellence in what we do

Narrowing down the selection to just four individuals was no easy task, but after careful consideration, we’re proud to recognize these outstanding individuals.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate and applaud the remarkable achievements of our Q3 Value Award winners at Ormiston Hospital!

Tessa Attwood – winner of the Passion in our people value

Tessa goes above and beyond to admit her patients. She is kind and nurturing and quickly develops great rapport with her patients and their whanau, easing them of their concerns. Tessa recently received positive feedback from a patient’s mother- the mother stated Tessa was able to quickly gain the child’s trust and create a calm and safe environment for the child to be admitted. The mother spoke very highly of Tessa’s care and thanked her for creating a positive experience for them. Tessa is a great team player she has a very positive, inclusive attitude when coming to work and promotes this to her colleagues, to boost morale within Pre-Op/PARN. Overall, Tessa is a highly valued team member of Pre-Op and PARN- she works hard, has adapted to working in PARN with ease, and takes pride in all her work. 

Bodelle Cross – winner of the Courage to change value

Bo has grown immensely in her role as RNAA and has become an integral part of the anaesthetic team. She is always looking for critical criticism to ensure she can improve on her current skills. When Bo is unsure of anything related to anaesthetics, she will do her research to find the answer. She has displayed her amazing skills in the recent anaesthetic emergency in theatre which required a patient transfer to ICU. Bo was able to see what was needed to be done and confidently took on that role.

Jennifer Dang – winner of the Caring with empathy value

Jennifer, in the last week has been tasked to care for 2 patients who required more Tender loving care (compared to the already exceptional level of cares heal ready prides herself in delivering). She was challenged in many ways, and this did not deter her from having the patients bests interests at heart. She tolerated the roller coaster of emotions both the patients displayed to ensure they achieved the goals, which the patients set for the day. Her caring, kind, gentle nature kept her calm during this storm of yelling and crying. Jennifer is indeed a role model to her colleagues on the ward and sets an amazing example to the new and junior nurses. She is amazing. Thank you, Jennifer, for your ongoing dedication on providing such amazing care to our patients and upholding the standards of care at Ormiston. 

Jo Parkes – winner of the Excellence in what we do value

I have nominated Jo for this award because I believe she demonstrates the behaviours of the excellence value. Some examples of going the extra mile for her Surgeons and nursing team are, Jo has been able to source specialist equipment at short notice, for highly specialized surgery, Jo will lead by example and when the need arises – Jo will often stay past her finish time to support, encourage and guide her team, as well as provide the leadership for her VP’s. Jo is an avid supporter for growing her team and is known for her amazing teaching and guidance of new staff through her many specialties she manages as CRN or O.R 5. Jo has upskilled her own practice attending Laparoscopic study days and sharing this new knowledge with her team. Jo encourages her team to learn and grow and supports them to do this such as new procedures and learning. Jo is well liked and respected by her peers, and she had managed to build a really close friendly team within her OR. Jo is fondly known as everyone’s work mum in her team and has utilized her real-life mum skills to keep her team running smoothly and efficiently.