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Da Vinci surgical robotics is arriving soon to Ormiston Hospital

Why go private with us 

Your leading Auckland private hospital

You expect the best when it comes to your health

Ormiston Hospital is proud to deliver a world-class level of private medical care in our modern, custom-built environment. Choosing Ormiston means your care and safety is our top priority. You will be cared for by our highly professional staff, enabling you to focus on your recovery. Our private en-suite rooms are complimented by a bespoke on-site catering service and in-room entertainment.

Surgery is a major decision and you need to be comfortable with your choice. Ormiston has a dedicated team of experts waiting to help you on your health journey.

Enjoy the benefits of private healthcare

  • The only private healthcare facility in East-South Auckland
  • Experience a high standard of service
  • Care delivered by clinical experts
  • Modern and comfortable environment
  • Private single or double rooms with ensuite bathroom and in-room entertainment
  • High quality good service with availability to cater for all dietary requirements

How do I choose Ormiston Hospital?

Where you choose to have surgery is completely up to you. If you are having a referral from a GP, let your GP know you would prefer to see one of our specialists. We offer a comprehensive list of specialties to best support our local community.

Using private health insurance

Funding private surgery can be done through local health boards, ACC, self-pay or private insurance. Some procedures are covered under a Southern Cross affiliated contract – it is advisable that you contact your own health insurer directly to discuss your policy, policy benefits (including prior approval) and any other costs associated with your surgery.

Non-urgent surgery (elective)

We’re here to help. Contact our team who can recommend an Ormiston Hospital specialist to suit your needs. From here your GP can send a referral to your specialist of choice.

Alternatively, you can book an appointment directly with the specialist or their rooms. We have many specialists working out of the Ormiston Specialist Centre which is based on the ground floor of our hospital.