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Da Vinci surgical robotics is arriving soon to Ormiston Hospital

FAQ’s – coming into Ormiston Hospital

New Zealand is at level one but as a hospital we remain cautious in this environment. Our dedicated clinical team are committed to providing the best possible specialty care—safely and effectively.

Ormiston Hospital is a private hospital, which means all of our procedures and surgeries are planned in advance, which also gives our team more control over who we allow into our hospital. This is for the safety of everyone.

We’ve made a list of FAQ for patients who have any concerns about coming to our hospital.

Q. Has Ormiston Hospital returned to ‘normal’?

A. Yes, we have returned to our “new normal” which includes heightened checks of all patient screening procedures. It is very much business as usual for our team who are regularly welcoming and caring for our patients each day.

Q. What are you doing about preventing the spread of RSV and other viruses and what screening do you have in place?

A. We have a six-layered approach to screening which we implemented before the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that before any patient enters our hospital they are checked six times for any symptoms or warning signs for any health concerns, including COVID-19. Ormiston Hospital asks that any patients or visitors who have experienced any flu or cold symptoms to stay away from our hospital.

We have also been vigilant with our team, where we ask all staff that are sick to stay home.

Patients who are working in MIQ facilities or are airline crew or working at the border are also asked to quarantine before coming into Ormiston – but these are identified on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Have you, or do you, treat anyone with COVID-19?

We are strictly a COVID-19 free facility. We do not and have not treated any COVID-19 patients, nor patients with any symptoms of respiratory illness. In order to protect our patients and our people we are not treating anyone who is awaiting a COVID-19 test result or is linked to any suspected cases and ask they follow guidelines from the government around self-isolation. Fortunately, community transmission is under control in New Zealand and we have also been able to limit our exposure which includes restrictions on people who work at isolation facilities or other environments where they may be exposed to COVID-19.

Q. What is your team doing to help prevent any disease or virus spread? 

We have always recognised that our hospital needs to be a highly sterile environment and we are proud to achieve the highest standards of hand hygiene as well as hospital sanitation. We have an expert team of cleaners who regularly clean the facility daily and have heightened their cleaning of high touch surfaces. Each patient room is thoroughly cleaned upon each patient’s departure. This includes sterilizing all fittings and surfaces, including curtains, walls, floors, in each room. We take no risks when it comes to the health of our patients.

Our nursing team are very aware of hand hygiene and keeping all equipment and areas clean. We are doing all we can to minimize the risk of any type of illness.

Q. Should I delay seeking care?

A. No. Please call your doctor’s office if you are worried if you could be sick, but Ormiston Hospital is a very safe environment. We understand that some people are still anxious about coming into hospital. Your safety is our priority. In many cases, if you delay your health care, your condition could worsen or you may need more serious treatments or procedures.


Q. What should I bring to hospital with me?

A. All patients must bring with them all their paperwork required for their admission, and also any medication required. Ormiston has an onsite Chemist so any prescriptions can be filled on site. Day stay patients may wish to simply wear comfortable clothes and bring very minimal in with them. While our overnight patients, depending on how long the stay, we encourage to bring a change of comfortable clothes, sleepwear, toiletries, a phone charger, and any other necessities that will make for a comfortable stay.

Q. Should I wear a mask?

A. Masks are not mandatory in the hospital, you will see some of team members wearing masks when you are admitted and this is part of normal procedure. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask we do encourage you to do so.

Please note that Ormiston Hospital has remained a COVID-19 free facility, meaning we have had no confirmed cases