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Da Vinci surgical robotics is arriving soon to Ormiston Hospital

Gastric Balloon

Surgery-free weight loss

A gastric balloon can help restart your wellbeing journey

If you are looking for an affordable, quick, nonsurgical procedure without any incisions, stitches or scars, a gastric balloon could be your answer to weight loss.

Gastric balloon offers a safe and fully reversible method to help fast track weight loss. In an easy 20-minute procedure under sedation, a temporary balloon-like device is placed in your stomach endoscopically to boost weight loss efforts.

The gastric balloon helps with portion control and can help develop healthy changes in eating that last into the future. The OWLS team will support and guide you along the entire journey, this includes a customised diet and exercise recommendations tailored to your needs.

Ormiston Hospital was the first in the country to offer the gastric balloon procedure performed by Dr Ravinder Ogra. Since 2015 we have helped to transform the lives of hundreds of people. Our balloons are safe for up to 12 months of use.

Orbera® Gastric Balloon

There are two Orbera Gastric Balloon procedure options offered at Ormiston Hospital.

Orbera 365

The Orbera 365 Gastric Balloon has proven to help patients achieve 3.1x more weight loss than diet and exercise alone and provides patients with the right tools and resources to successfully learn to keep it off.

The OWLS Orbera Balloon stays in for 12 months and is FDA approved, making it a very safe option.

Orbera B2B

The Orbera 365 can be left in for up to 12 months, whereas the Orbera B2B package allows you to supercharge weight loss over this time.

This package includes two balloons. The initial balloon is in place for 6 months and then changed for a new balloon which is slightly larger. After finding that weight loss can slow down after 6 months with a balloon, we decided to introduce this option for patients who want to maximise their balloon experience. 

With both of our Orbera options you will feel less hungry and easily enjoy smaller meals, because the balloon takes up space in your stomach. This helps to develop long term healthy habits.

The process

Once you have decided a balloon is for you, you can make an enquiry to request further information. We can email you our package information complete with pricing, which starts at $9,550.00 NZD (inc. GST).

Following this, you can book a consultation appointment with Dr Ogra. If you decide a balloon is right for you, the Ormiston Endoscopy team will book the procedure at a time convenient for you. You will also be contacted by our dietitian (this initial consultation is not included in the Orbera package and costs $210 inc. GST). You can choose to stay overnight in our hospital for an additional cost – please let us know.

About the procedure

  • These procedures are done under light sedation
  • This is a day stay procedure and is done in 20 minutes with recovery time; you will be in hospital for approximately 2 hours
  • You will not need to stay in hospital but you will need to take it easy for three days
  • The balloon is inserted through the mouth and into the stomach during a gastroscopy procedure
  • Immediately after the balloon is placed, it is filled with sterile water and a dye
  • Clinical evidence suggests an average of 10-15kg in 6 months
  • The procedure is fully reversible
  • The Orbera B2B balloon requires you to come in for a repeat gastroscopy to place a new balloon adjusted to your needs

This is not a new type of procedure and gastric balloons have had proven success worldwide for over 35 years on over 500,000 patients. They have been proven to work for patients who are unable shift stubborn weight despite both diet and exercise. If this sounds like you, what are you waiting for?

We’re here to help

Ormiston Hospital is a highly reputable and trusted private hospital located in South/East Auckland. We have seen high success rates with gastric balloons but results vary depending on the patient’s commitment to the weight loss process.