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Da Vinci surgical robotics is arriving soon to Ormiston Hospital

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

This year’s theme is Inspire Inclusion – When we inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion, we forge a better world.

Here at Ormiston, we have developed a menopause policy to recognise our largely female* team. We want them to feel noticed, valued, and cared for personally.

We asked our CEO, Deb Boyd what inspired her to develop this policy, what its purpose is and what she hopes to achieve with it long term.

What is the purpose of the menopause policy and what inspired you to develop it: The purpose of the policy is to provide information about perimenopause or menopause symptoms and a guide for supporting team members experiencing them in the workplace.

Menopause has been such a taboo subject; women have suffered in silence struggling to find information and support to help navigate this part of their life journey and it’s for this reason I was inspired to develop this policy. I want to recognise our largely female* team who are focused on providing care to others – I want them to feel noticed, valued, and cared for personally.

There is also so much misinformation –Perimenopause symptoms can start as early as your early 30’s.

It is also particularly important for men to understand too so they can be informed, helpful and supportive.

What do you hope to achieve with this policy long term:
I hope we can have open conversations about menopause and that people who are struggling can speak up if they need support.

* Whilst we refer to women or females, we are referring to those assigned female at birth. Individuals assigned female at birth who don’t identify as women may also experience menopausal changes.