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Da Vinci surgical robotics is arriving soon to Ormiston Hospital

Harvesting the best at Ormiston

Dr Hassan Mubark offers break-through Expanded Stem Cell Therapy to patients, based at Ormiston Specialist Centre.

Dr Mubark is part of Auckland Regenerative Clinic which is the only company in NZ offering Expanded Stem Cell therapy.

Expanded Stem Cell Therapy is a procedure where a patient’s own stem cells are harvested from abdominal fat, then grown in a laboratory to be later reinjected back into the patient’s own body. The purpose of this is to replicate, heal and regrow soft tissue – namely cartilage and tendon that has been eroded or depleted.

Among his patients is Owen Franks; Dr Mubark recently treated the All-Black prop in order to overcome a shoulder injury. Franks chose expanded stem cell therapy to avoid surgery – resulting in six months out of the game.  Ormiston surgeons took stem cells from Franks abdominal fat and sent them to a specialist lab to expand. Dr Mubark explained; “I used around a hundred million stem cells in order to get the best shot.” 

After receiving the treatment Franks reported a rapid recovery which saw him back to training within a month and reselected for the Crusaders in time to finish the Super Rugby season within six weeks.

Dr Mubark is now taking patient appointments at the Ormiston Specialist Centre located in the Ormiston Hospital complex.  Not limited to athletes, the treatment can also benefit sufferers of osteoarthritis, and is especially effective in those with knee, shoulder and hip degeneration. In fact, almost every joint in the body is treatable. 

Dr Mubark thinks Stem Cells could have the ability to improve the quality of lives.