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Da Vinci surgical robotics is arriving soon to Ormiston Hospital

Introducing Dr Joe Earles to the Ormiston Specialist Centre

Dr Joe Earles, specialist Head & Neck Surgeon and Otolaryngologist, has recently joined the team at the Ormiston Specialist Centre.

Joe is a fellowship-trained subspecialist in head and neck surgery. He is an expert in diagnosis and treatment of neck lumps, thyroid nodules and thyroid cancers, throat and oral cavity cancers, parotid and submandibular gland lumps, advanced skin cancers, and parathyroid gland disorders.

Joe is a consultant head and neck surgeon at Auckland City Hospital providing both resection and reconstruction services. In private he works closely with Dr John Chaplin as part of Auckland Head & Neck Associates. Cancer patients cared for by Dr Earles are managed through the largest head and neck multidisciplinary meeting in New Zealand – giving patients consensus opinions from a broad range of specialists to ensure the very best treatment is recommended for them.

To ensure patients receive the best care throughout their journey, Joe focuses on a seamless consultation process. This means efficiently supporting patients through assessment, ultrasound and CT scans and ultrasound-guided biopsy all in one location and visit, ensuring health concerns are addressed quickly so that patients can receive care as soon as possible.

A South and East Auckland specialist in his field, Dr Joe Earles offers patients and GP’s multi-disciplinary support with everything from small biopsies to advanced resection and reconstruction.

In addition to his head and neck surgery expertise, Joe has a busy practice treating sinonasal disorders including sinusitis, nasal obstruction, septoplasty, and functional rhinoplasty.

Dr Joe Earles is available for both private bookings and referrals. For any questions or for further information, feel free to contact Joe on the following details: