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Da Vinci surgical robotics is arriving soon to Ormiston Hospital

Meet our new Clinical Director – Andrew Hill

We are excited to announce Andrew Hill as Ormiston Surgical and Endoscopy’s new Clinical Director. We caught up with Andrew to learn a bit more about his background, what fills his days and what he sees as the next opportunity for Ormiston Hospital.

Andrew Hill joins Ormiston Hospital as the new Clinical Director.

Tell us a bit about yourself, Andrew:

I was born in Dunedin to a father who was a surgeon and a mother who was a teacher. As a family we were very well-travelled– working in Indonesia, Hong Kong, the UK and USA finally returning to Auckland where Dad was a surgeon at Auckland Hospital. After Med School I spent two years in research at Harvard in Boston– where I met my wife – and together we worked as medical missionaries in Kenya before returning home in 2002.


What does your day-to-day look like – you seem to be a very busy man!

Every day is definitely different. As we speak, I’ve just returned home from medical school teaching in Samoa, and today have an operating list and clinic. I also run a research group at the University, based at Middlemore, and sit on the College of Surgeons Council. In terms of my role at Ormiston Hospital, I help with medical and surgical issues, deal with any complications if they arise, run the Clinical Governance Committee and am also involved in the Endoscopy Committee.


How did you come to join the Ormiston Hospital team?

I started doing private practice work at Ormiston Hospital and through that, I joined the Board. I have an interest in governance so being part of Board is a great way to be involved in decisions that directly make a difference to the care we provide to our community. I am passionate about Ormiston Hospital being a great place for staff and patients – it’s important that we do this well.


What do you see as the next exciting opportunity for Ormiston Hospital?

I am excited about the hospital expansion project and the opportunities it will provide. We want to become the centre of a health precinct – becoming the go-to place for people seeking surgical healthcare in South and East Auckland. To deliver on that goal, we need to both keep up and keep ahead of the game in surgery through a mix of technology, training and the development of health professionals. I feel strongly that keeping up with technology is key, but needs to be done in a considered manner. We want to work strategically with the right technology and implement it well.


What do you think is one of the biggest challenges we face as Ormiston Hospital continues to grow?

With scale and growth comes resourcing and recruitment challenges. Ormiston Hospital started its life with a tight-knit team and whilst we will need more people within our organisation as we grow, it’s important to keep as much of that ‘family feeling’ as possible. The comradery of our team is something that often comes up in our patient satisfaction surveys so it’s a key element in helping our patients feel calm, relaxed and in safe hands.


We’re excited to welcome Andrew to our Board and to have his diverse knowledge and skillset available as we continue to grow our healthcare offering to the wider community. Deb Boyd, Chief Executive Officer of Ormiston Surgical and Endoscopy adds;

We’re delighted to have Andrew serve in the capacity as Clinical Director. Along with his considerable experience, he brings a reassuring voice and support to the hospital team.