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Da Vinci surgical robotics is arriving soon to Ormiston Hospital

Meet the team: Mari, Theatre Nurse

Meet Mari, one of our Theatre Nurses who works hard in our operating theatres to ensure our patients receive the very best care. Mari is very experienced in what she does and is known for her attention to detail as a nurse. Here are her answers on what it’s like for her to work at Ormiston Hospital.

1. How long have you been a nurse? And how long have you been working at Ormiston?

I have been a nurse for nine years now, and it’s been two years since I joined Ormiston.

2.  What led you or inspired you into becoming a nurse?

I initially wanted to become a doctor, but since it’s going to be a long journey, my family suggested that I pursue becoming a nurse instead. I took their advice ended up liking it.

 3.   What is a patient success story that stands out for you?

I scrubbed for a difficult Laparoscopic surgery, and it involved more time and effort than we anticipated. We took our time to ensure the patients health was prioritised and it was heart-warming to know that the patient recovered well post operatively.

4. What do you enjoy about working for Ormiston Hospital?

Aside from the regular-office-like schedule, I really like how diverse Ormiston is in terms of people, culture and skills where each of us in the team is given opportunities to demonstrate, develop and share.

5. Where would you like to take your nursing career? Is there further study or career ambitions that you might have?

I would like to take up a Post Grad in Perioperative Specialty Nursing some years from now. More so, I would like to possibly try exploring nursing leadership in the future which I had few experience back in the Philippines as well.

6. What is the most interesting about your job?

I like that even with routine surgeries there is always something that can come up unexpectedly, ensuring that we are always doing the very best job at all times. Those unforeseen situations enable me to hone my skills as a theatre nurse, and I have been exposed to a lot of different cases while at Ormiston.

6. What would you ask Santa for Christmas?

For this Christmas, I’d like a halt to this pandemic, hoping for everything to go back to normal, and be able to see my family soon.