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Da Vinci surgical robotics is arriving soon to Ormiston Hospital

Ormiston Hospital helps Auckland City Mission

The tough times we are experiencing due to the global pandemic have resulted in sacrifices for kiwis. Auckland City Mission has faced a 175% rise in demand for food parcels. And in recognising this need Ormiston Hospital staff got together and each donated two cans from their pantry.

Can donation to Auckland City mission

The purpose of the Auckland City Mission is to help those in desperate need; these people can include families, homeless to isolated elderly. The variety of people requiring support from the mission has increased dramatically since Lockdown. COVID-19 has brought unprecedented times and with it, a new reality for all of us. Leaving a lot of our vulnerable in society more defenseless than ever.

Having the support of simple canned food items can take the pressure off people who are either struggling financially, unemployed or coping with other health issues.

At the same time, everyone has felt the impact of COVID-19 including our hospital staff, in some way. As we all personally know someone who has been impacted in these difficult times – so we acknowledge the generosity of our wonderful staff in helping strangers by giving back through this cause.

“We do this donation every year, and staff usually tell me they just grab a couple of cans out of the cupboard at home, usually something useful like spaghetti, tinned meat, or vegetables.” Explained Infection Control Nurse Amanda Hynes who lead the initiative.

If you too want to get involved please visit: