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Da Vinci surgical robotics is arriving soon to Ormiston Hospital

Refer a patient to Ormiston Hospital

Our referrals process


Ormiston Hospital does not accept or process direct referrals for surgical patients. To refer a patient for surgery or specialist review, please send your referral direct to the specialist’s private clinic.

Some of our specialists consult from the Ormiston Specialist Centre. You can find out more information on who consults from there and their contact information below. Please note, if you are sending a referral to Ormiston Specialist Centre, use this email:


Referrals for Endoscopy procedures (such as colonoscopy and gastroscopy) can be referred in two ways:

If you wish to refer for a gastroscopy specialist review, you can find a suitable specialist by reviewing our specialists list or those who work out of Ormiston Specialist Centre.