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Walk In My Shoes Feedback 2022

In the month of October we celebrated ‘Walk In My Shoes’ – a fantastic opportunity to experience another role within the organisation

We had xx participants take part and some great feedback that we want to share with you.


Jules Connal (Procurement) spent time with Lee-Anne on the ward.

“My time spent with Lee-Anne was inspirational and she motivates me to achieve better results. (oh and besides my actual boss Peter who is also inspirational of course!)

I have gained more knowledge of what goes on in the ward and what happens on a daily basis which is pretty full on!

I recommend walk in my shoes as it’s looking into a different view of someone’s shoes.

Thanks again Michelle for you and your team organising this for us.”

Nicki Dolden (Reception) spent time in Theatre 6.

“I really enjoyed my experience in OR6. You guys rock! The team were all so welcoming.

Thank you everyone from Dr Mutu-Grigg, Vinnie and Rachelle, for explaining, answering my questions, letting me play and get a better view. And the rest of the team (Dr Stapleburg, Lucy, Andy and Martinne) for putting up with me.

It was so interesting, however not something I want to personally go through 😊, but I know you all make it very safe.

If you have the stomach for it and the opportunity – I highly recommend it.

Thanks Estelle for organising it”

Harmeet Sokhi (Ward RN) spent time in PACU

“I went to the PACU area as I was wanting to know how they assess when patient is ready for the ward and what actually they do up there before the patient comes to us.

I enjoyed the day as it was fast paced at times. Patient safety maintained all the time. However, due to the day being busy I was a bit uneasy to ask many questions as I knew that they are already stretched. Having said that, I still learnt a lot that day. It was amazing team work. Everyone is friendly and willing to help. I was taken for a walk around the unit that day too. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Lisa Rungan (ward clerk) spent time with the bookings team

“I enjoyed my day up with Kelly thank you.

Kelly was very clear and concise explaining what her role entailed, I had a general idea but watching Kelly in action and calmly dealing with incoming emails, knocks on her door + the phone ringing (all at once sometimes!) was an eye opener.

I knew that role was busy, but the way Kelly smiles and maintains professionalism under all that stress…. I don’t know how she does is full-time, much respect to her!

Thank you to Trista and Lee-Anne for giving me the opportunity to spend the day in bookings and a big thank you to Kelly for having the patience to show me a small part of her job.”

Rachelle Wilson (theatre RN) spent time in PACU

“I was so grateful to be able to work alongside PACU staff and learn about their specialty. The way I see the Perioperative specialty, is that we are all a big team and we work as pitstops on the way for the patient. For safety, efficiency and for the best outcome for the patient, I believe it’s integral that there is good communication and understanding of everyone’s role in the patients journey through the perioperative specialty.

Since I work in theatre and work closely with PACU, I wanted to understand their role in the journey of the patient. I had questions in my mind already to understand what they do and what I could do to handover and support them after we bring a patient to them. I was paired up with Amy and she showed me the ropes and answered my a million and one questions. I was in awe watching her seamlessly care patient after patient. What I also found was they had a very close knit team where they supported each other in their unit to make things flow with the quick patient turnover. It was a pleasure to walk in my shoes alongside them.

That day I grew an even greater appreciation for the lovely PACU nurses and the skills they have to ensure our patients wake up safely and can move on from their care. I am grateful the hospital was able to provide a learning opportunity for this.”

Ruchika Verma (theatre RN) spent time with the theatre co-ordinator

“I really enjoyed walking in Bodelle’s shoes for a day. This opportunity gave me a real insight towards her role and how she supports the theatre staff. I really enjoyed how Bo keeps the whole perioperative team in a closed loop communication channel and how staff appreciates it. I also had a chance to work on the allocations which was great as it gave me clear perspective on how the allocation are planned. I also had to deal with some decision-making situations where I have to organize a ward bed for a patient because of the post-surgery requirement for the patient which gave to an opportunity to communicate with ward team and understood the whole process. I also several moments of thinking on my feet which I really loved about it. And also, how the staff actually respects your role as a coordinator and relies on the coordinator for support. I think I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and challenge at the same time. Hopefully I get to do more of it.”

Make sure you keep a look out for Walk in my shoes 2023 so you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.