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We’ve partnered with chnnl – the mental health and wellbeing app

As part of our ongoing commitment to make Ormiston Hospital a great place to work, we have partnered with chnnl. One of our core values is ‘Passion in our people’ so it’s important that we protect, support and encourage our team to be the best they can both at work and at home.

chnnl is an employee wellbeing tool that is run via a handy mobile app. The tool provides colleagues with a way to regularly check-in on their overall wellbeing in just a few clicks, as well as providing access to a wide range of wellbeing resources. Further to this, as a group we can anonymously track and report on overall department and organisational wellbeing, identifying trends and progress to ensure we provide the best support and environment for our team to thrive.

Features of chnnl include:

  • Pulse checks
  • A survey tool
  • Private journalling
  • Wellbeing resource library
  • Direct access to EAP services

Our people are our most valuable asset, so partnering with chnnl was a no-brainer. Deb Boyd, Ormiston Hospital Chief Executive Officer, shared the below in a recent interview with the chnnel team.

I think it’s fantastic from a leadership role for your own personal insight, but also by being able to take the temperature of how your team is doing, it’s extremely helpful. I found even using chnnl myself personally gave me some really interesting insight into how the way that I felt on a daily basis impacted my productivity, or what I was doing in my role.

Hear more from Deb on how chnnl is a key initiative in our overall health and wellbeing programme here: